About Us

About Us

Cellf is a clinical biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the development of cellular therapies to combat various disease and anomalies. During the past 15 years their team have been contributing dramatic changes in the medical landscape, particularly in oncology and regenerative medicine. Cell therapies have played a substantial part in this progress. The cell therapy is based on the premise that the patient’s own cells (autologous) or those from a healthy donor (allogeneic) can be programmed to combat certain types of diseases when they are re-infused into the body.

Cellular immunotherapies can use immune cells, such as T cells or natural killer cells that, after functional modification ex vivo, exert powerful anti-cancer effects when given to the patient.  Innovative technologies, such as re-programming terminally differentiated cells into pluripotent stem cells or into other cell types and applying specific enzymes to more precisely edit the human genome, are paving the way towards more potent cell and gene therapies. Several players, including cell therapy developers, research institutes, contract manufacturing organizations, and government and non-profit organizations, are playing a critical role in the development and manufacturing of these cell therapies.

The cellular therapeutics is a complex and logistically challenging multi-step process. It involves high capital costs, retrieval and genetically engineering the patient’s own cells, culturing of cells for several days in regulated environment and management by skilled personnel, commercial manufacturing of such therapies demands automated and scalable closed systems as well as robust, reproducible and standardized procedure.

Cellf is dedicated to defeating various diseases using an innovative, best-in-class, autologous cellular and therapeutic technology platform such as cytokine monitoring and stem cell applications.

Cytokine monitoring

Combined pharmacological immunosuppression prevents rejection of a transplanted organ which depends on the strength of the allo-immune response. In a broad sense, array of cytokines dictates the process of immune cell-mediated allograft rejection. Clearly the cytokine expression analysis can forecast clinically useful information about the state of allograft rejection or acceptance.

Stem cells will be the Future of regenerative medication

Both adult and embryonic stem cells can contribute to the development of regenerative medicine. Embryonic stem cells (ESCs) have the advantage of multipotency and have shown themselves to be readily culturable in the laboratory. Although the degree of plasticity of adult stem cells is still unknown and there are difficulties in purifying and culturing them, the only proven stem cell-based medical therapies that are currently available rely on adult-derived stem cells from bone marrow and skin, and adult stem cells from other tissues might someday provide therapies that stimulate the body's own regenerative potential. Access to ESCs is likely to ultimately determine the rate at which scientists make progress in this field. In fact, the successful cultivation of postnatal and adult sources of stem cells for regenerative medicine is likely to advance more rapidly if the study of ESCs proceeds and cells from different sources can be compared. ESCs exhibit many properties whose improved understanding could assist researchers in modifying adult stem cells to achieve better growth in culture and greater capacity for controlled differentiation.

Moreover, Cellf Therapeutics aims to reduce costs, increase efficacy, and reduce side effects, increasing patient longevity, and be the hope for incurable diseases. We are developing new products to treat those in need and are dedicated to enabling people to enjoy healthier, longer, and more productive lives.

Our vision includes commitment to the following goals:

To be recognized for our culture of communication, transparency, respect, teamwork and patient-centric mindset.

To generate industry-leading growth through innovation and executional excellence.

To set ourselves apart in the industry, creating value by allowing our people, shareholders and company to prosper.

To bring significant life-improving medical treatments to patients.

Our mission is to bring new, innovative and treatment paradigm-changing medical therapies to market based on our unique expertise and experience, and in so doing, to improve patients’ lives and create value for our shareholders.

Research and Development Lab

Currently, the labs are located in Healthcare Global Cancer Centres (HCG), is one of Asia's largest provider of cancer care. We are a public listed company & deliver advance cancer care through its network of 23 comprehensive cancer centres, spread across India, Africa, Asia (Vietnam, Iraq).

Strand Life Science, a unit of Healthcare Global (HCG) Enterprises Limited, is a state-of-the-art platform for oncology diagnostics, biomarker and translational research, laboratory services and clinical research services.

The HCG Academics runs over 30 undergraduate, postgraduate, and fellowship programmes in key specialities and sub-specialities of oncology which are affiliated to:

  • Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (Bangalore),
  • Sri Siddartha Academy of Higher Education (Tumkur),
  • National Board of Examinations (New Delhi) [https://natboard.edu.in] and
  • Royal College of Surgeons (England).

HCG is a centre of excellence in the area of oncology research. We have collaborated with Nature publications for training programs on Masterclass in Scientific Writing and Publishing. We also have our Journal of Precision Oncology, a recently initiated publication.

Research has been an inseparable part of its endeavour to sustain excellence. The department of Head and Neck Oncology has been doing cutting edge work in the field of molecular genetics (Whole Exom), Proteomics (Comparing Thyroid cancers Vs anaplastic and TENIS), TILS, circulating tumour cells, cellular immunotherapy & Oral Microbiome to name a few.