About Us

Cellf is a clinical biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the development of cellular therapies to combat various disease and anomalies. During the past 15 years their team have been contributing dramatic changes in the medical landscape, particularly in oncology and regenerative medicine. Cell therapies have played a substantial part in this progress. The cell therapy is based on the premise that the patient’s own cells (autologous) or those from a healthy donor (allogeneic) can be programmed to combat certain types of diseases when they are re-infused into the body.

Cellular immunotherapies can use immune cells, such as T cells or natural killer cells that, after functional modification ex vivo, exert powerful anti-cancer effects when given to the patient.  Innovative technologies, such as re-programming terminally differentiated cells into pluripotent stem cells or into other cell types and applying specific enzymes to more precisely edit the human genome, are paving the way towards more potent cell and gene therapies. Several players, including cell therapy developers, research institutes, contract manufacturing organizations, and government and non-profit organizations, are playing a critical role in the development and manufacturing of these cell therapies.

The Management Team

Mentor - Dr. S. G. Ananda Rao

Did his Ph.D., in Cellular Biology, University of Delhi. Post-doctoral training…

Dr. Jyothsna A Rao

Completed her M. Sc in Immunology from KEM Hospital, Mumbai before getting a..

Dr. Gururaj A. Rao

He has over 15 years of research experience in the biotechnology field especially in..

Pipeline of products under development

Cellf is developing innovative methods to treat COVID 19. We have three programs in early stage development cantered around three different theories , each of which are under trial approved by Indian Council of Medical Research and Central Drugs standard control organisation.  Our carefully selected programs involve disease areas in which CELLF management team has significant expertise, where there is a recognized significant unmet medical need and where we believe we can compete effectively.